0.3 Southwark & Lewisham – Will Hodgkinson by Rick Pearson

Author, music critic for The Times and proud Peckhamite Will Hodgkinson takes a walk to the top of One Tree Hill. We know, it's not technically the summit Southwark and Lewisham (that's the shared summit of Sydenham Hill). However, it does provide a breathtaking vista of London and is located next to Walter's Way, a collection of self-build houses. Along the way, Will talks anarchism, walking and why he'd like Johnny Depp to fire his ashes out of a cannon. 

0.2 Wandsworth – Dan Raven-Ellison by Rick Pearson

‘Guerilla geographer’ Dan Raven-Ellison puts his navigation skills to good use as he and Isaac find their way from Richmond to the highest point in Wandsworth, Putney Heath. En route, Dan discusses his campaign to make London a National Park City, with a rallying cry for Londoners to “rip up their paving slabs.”

Dan Raven-Ellison London's Peaks

0.1 Hammersmith & Fulham – Shappi Khorsandi by Rick Pearson

Humourist and humanist Shappi Khorsandi takes a walk with Rick to the highest point in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, which stands a dizzying 44m above sea-level. On the ascent, Shappi discusses addiction, her new book Nina is Not OK, and why she thinks stand-up comedy is "a disease".