21 Newham – Stephen Armstrong by Rick Pearson

In 2018 Britain, two thirds of families living in poverty are in work and nearly a million people work zero-hours contracts. In his new book, The New Poverty, Stephen Armstrong tells the stories of the most vulnerable in British society – and how we could, and should, be doing more to help them. All this and more en route to the Beckton Alps, a toxic spoil heap that also happens to be the highest point in the borough of Newham. 

Pick up a copy of The New Poverty here

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20 Haringey – Emma Rosen by Rick Pearson

Do you love your job? What are the ingredients of a satisfying career? And why are we picky about our partners but content to settle for unsatisfactory careers? These are some of the questions Emma Rosen contemplates en route to the highest point in Haringey, the roundabout at the top of North Hill (129m). Having recently completed her '25 before 25' initiative – which saw her try out 25 careers in a year, all before her 25th birthday – Emma believes many Londoners could benefit from trying out a wider variety of roles before deciding which is truly right for them. 

For more on Emma's '25 before 25' initiative, visit 25before25.co.uk

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19 Merton – Joe Watson by Rick Pearson

What's in a view? That's the question discussed by the National Trust's Joe Watson en route to the highest point in the borough of Merton. Joe talks about the 'Points of View' campaign, which is looking to preserve and increase the number of the capital's protected views – particularly south of the river. 

Follow the National Trust on Twitter: @NTLovesLondon

Contact the National Trust about its Points of View campaign: here

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18 Bexley – Tim Waterman by Rick Pearson

Tim Waterman is a landscape architect and theorist whose work explores the interconnections between place, food, taste and democratic society. Born in the US but based in London, he takes a walk with George Bull to the highest point in Bexley – Langdon Shaw – talking anarchism, planning and Peter Kropotkin. 

Pick up a copy of Tim's latest book, Landscape and Agency, here

Follow Tim on Twitter @tim_waterman

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17 Enfield – Richard Godwin by Rick Pearson

Richard Godwin is a journalist and author whose latest book, The Spirits, investigates the art of the cocktail. He takes a walk to the highest point in his home borough of Enfield, talking booze, the 'burbs and the simmering rivalry with neighbouring Barnet. 

Pick up a copy of Richard's book, The Spirits, here

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16 Redbridge – Martin Soan by Rick Pearson

Comedian and compere Martin Soan walks with us to the highest point in the borough of Redbridge – Cabin Hill, 90m above sea-level. On the way to the peak, Martin discusses comedy, the "naked balloon dance" and his old sparring partner, the outrageous Malcolm Hardee.

Find out more about Martin's comedy night, Pull The Other One, here.

Summit to laugh about: comedian Martin Soan at the peak of Redbridge

Summit to laugh about: comedian Martin Soan at the peak of Redbridge

15 Ealing – Matthew Beaumont by Rick Pearson

In a first for London's Peaks, this walk takes place after dark. Why? Because this episode's guest is none other than Matthew Beaumont, author of Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London. En route to the peak on Horsenden Hill, Matthew discusses Dickens, deep topography and the night's ability to re-enchant places. He also politely points out to co-host George Bull that they may be going the wrong way, seeing as they are headed downhill rather than up. 

Pick up a copy of Nightwalking here.

Enchanted by the night: author Matthew Beaumont at the summit of Ealing

Enchanted by the night: author Matthew Beaumont at the summit of Ealing

14 Croydon – John Grindrod by Rick Pearson

Author and proud Croydonian John Grindrod takes a walk with us to the highest point in the much-maligned south London borough. Having written Outskirts: Living Life on the Edge of the Green Belt, John is the ideal man to talk about the capital's outer limits. En route to the peak – the second highest of all the London boroughs – we talk Bowie, the housing crisis and why Croydon is much better than most give it credit for. 

Pick up a copy of Outskirts here

Follow John Grindrod on Twitter here

Who'd have fort it? John finds a tree fort at the summit 

Who'd have fort it? John finds a tree fort at the summit 

12 Waltham Forest – Will Ashon by Rick Pearson

Having written a book about Epping Forest and its attendant myths and madmen, Will Ashon is the perfect tour guide on a walk to the highest point in the borough: Pole Hill. On the way, Will discusses his book Strange Labyrinth and the role the forest plays in our collective imagination. There's also some chatter about tree climbing, carving and animal droppings. So something for everyone, really. 

Pick up a copy of Strange Labyrinth here

Follow Will Ashon on Twitter: @willashon

In Pole position: Will Ashon at the top of Pole, 91m above sea-level. 

In Pole position: Will Ashon at the top of Pole, 91m above sea-level. 

London's Peaks: Series 2 preview by Rick Pearson

Rick, Isaac and new recruit George Bull give a sneak peak into what listeners can look forward to from London's Peaks: Series 2. Turning their attention to the outer London boroughs, there's promise of night walks and some serious summits. It all kicks off properly on Thursday 14 September with a walk to the top of Waltham Forest with author Will Ashon. Tune in then! 

10 Lambeth – Danny Bent by Rick Pearson

Having cycled 9,000 miles to India, raised $550,000 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and been voted as one of the top 100 happiest people in the UK, Danny Bent's perfectly placed to impart some positivity on the podcast. On a walk through Brockwell Park to the summit of Lambeth – Westow Hill, by Crystal Palace Park – we talk happiness, adventure and near-death experiences.

0.9 Greenwich - Dr Marek Kukula by Rick Pearson

This episode we look to the skies as Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, gives a fascinating insight into the wonders of our universe, the rich history of Greenwich and, naturally, whether or not aliens exist.

0.8 Tower Hamlets – Ivo Gormley by Rick Pearson

Founder of GoodGym, short filmmaker and all-round lovely bloke Ivo Gormley joins us for an expedition along the Regent's Canal. Before we reach Tower Hamlets' mountainous 16m high point, Ivo discusses GoodGym's mission to combine fitness with community work, his inspiring short film The Runners, and the small matter of whether we, as humans, are intrinsically 'good'.

0.7 Islington – Jerry White by Rick Pearson

London historian Jerry White takes Rick Pearson on a magical history tour of Islington. En route to the borough's peak, Jerry talks about "London's worst road", prisoner of war camps and why we should all pay better attention to our past. Those interested in learning more about London history are advised to read one of Jerry's many books on the subject: jerrywhite.co.uk

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0.6 Kensington & Chelsea – Paul Sinton-Hewitt by Rick Pearson

The founder of parkrun – a series of free, 5K runs held every Saturday morning in parks across the country and indeed the world – Paul Sinton-Hewitt, joins Isaac for a stroll through Hyde Park. With over three million registered runners, parkrun has been credited with transforming people's perception of fitness and, with 47 events held across our capital, Londoners have embraced it like nowhere else.

0.5 Camden – Awate by Rick Pearson

Up-and-coming rapper Awate talks about his memories of growing up in the borough of Camden – from being chased by members of the National Front to discovering music and a means through which to express himself. He's certainly had to overcome his fair share of challenges, but in doing so it's made him who he is: a brave, bold London voice fighting inequality wherever he finds it. 

0.4 Westminster – Sophie Walker by Rick Pearson

Leader of the Women's Equality Party, Sophie Walker, takes time out of her busy schedule to walk with Isaac to the summit of Westminster: a not-so-notable point on Boundary Road, just south of Swiss Cottage tube station. While the peak left much to be desired, the chat did not – with Sophie explaining why equality for women is the transformative issue for London.

Sophie Walker

0.3 Southwark & Lewisham – Will Hodgkinson by Rick Pearson

Author, music critic for The Times and proud Peckhamite Will Hodgkinson takes a walk to the top of One Tree Hill. We know, it's not technically the summit Southwark and Lewisham (that's the shared summit of Sydenham Hill). However, it does provide a breathtaking vista of London and is located next to Walter's Way, a collection of self-build houses. Along the way, Will talks anarchism, walking and why he'd like Johnny Depp to fire his ashes out of a cannon.